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About Us

People have ask me many times through out the years about what made me start a place that pups could be loved and cared for. I had 3 sons at home and I wanted to stay home and be there for them. I had a friend who was raising pups and she helped me get started. It was a blessing to me to know I could have her help while I was learning what to do. The years passed on by and I fell in love with the Dachshunds and then Yorkies. I did not go back to my nursing because I was needed at home to help with my parents and family needs. Now 20 years have passed and I am also providing my customers with Yorkie Poos and they are loving how beautiful they look.

Over the past 20 years I have gotten to know people either thru buying a puppy or working with my puppies. If you want to know who I am from someone that has not bought a puppy here are a few personal testimonies.

My name is Marti Felgar. Jane and I have known each other for many years. She is a joy to me. I know the care that she gives her kennel; many times at personal sacrifice on her part. Her puppies are more than a means of income for her. They are gifts that God gives her to place in homes of people who need an extra touch of His love. I know that puppies from her kennel have brought joy to countless families and individuals.

On a personal note, Jane has helped to give me the courage to pursue my dreams. Her faithful prayers and enthusiasm have helped to give me the energy to persist in writing and publishing a book and creating a program for telling children the love of God. I am blessed to have her as a friend.

My name is Monica and I met Jane thru a family member and I have been a friend since, that was in 2000. She has been a huge encouragement in my life. To meet Jane is like meeting your long lost family member. She makes you feel part of her life in return you want her to be part of yours.

When it comes to her puppies she treats them with love like they were her own children. She has dedicated her life to making someone else happy and that is everyone that buys a puppy from her.If you by chance get so lucky to be her friend thru buying a puppy you should consider yourself blessed.

I worked with her for a brief time and saw the dedication. She does not change she is the same no matter where she is or what she does. You hear people every day tell us we need to be Christ like I think she is there.She has wisdom and cares for so many. Many know her and love her. My family loves her as if she were family.

My name is Makayla, I am 19 years old. I have been working for Jane and her family for about 5 months, and Jane and her family are the most kind and sweet people ever! One day while I was working Jane had told me about Andrew Womack, and how he helps you grow in your relationship with the Lord. I was excited about it, but me being a teenager I had watched preachers on TV before, and I really thought they were boring. I really didn't get what they were saying. Andrew was different and Jane suggested a way to make learning easier. She made it like a game where we would go to and watch the show and then ask each other 2 questions. My sister Britiny age 14 got excited too and started in with the question game. When I started watching Andrew I really understood what he was saying. He really explains things and questions you might wonder about. My sister had been sick a long time and got healed as she learned things that made a big difference in her life. Since I have watched the show I have really grown in my Faith and my relationship with the Lord. It really is a wonderful place to be. I still have some growing to do, and it is going to be exciting every step of the way. If you aren't interested in that right now and just want a puppy then I can tell you these puppies are taken very good care of. I help take care of them and they are all just as sweet and cute as they can be. I do love my job, and my relationship with the Lord. So have a very Blessed day with Love Makayla. :)



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