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Care & Information

Puppy Care can be confusing and if you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me. Most of this information I will give you when you pick up your puppy.


Your puppy does need to be done every week.You can either bathe them in the tub or a mop bucket in some luke warm water. You should also shampoo them twice and make sure you get all the shampoo out. You can dry the puppy with a towel and put him/her in front of a heater or you can blow dry after towel drying.The most important thing is to keep them warm.To clean their ears use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol.


Will need to be done at least twice a week if they have long hair,if they have short hair once a week would be okay.

Nails clipped

Should be done by the Veterinarians unless you know what you are doing. Their claws are sensitive once you get to a certain point, almost like the quick on our fingers.


A question most ask about is how much do I feed my puppy? When you get your puppy you need ask how much the Kennel has been feeding your puppy. Then according to the type of food will depend on the amount of food.
Another question is what Kind? Because there are so many types of food we can discuss that when you pick up your puppy.

House Training

For the first year the kennel will help you with your house training. House training is similar to school I will get them through first and second grade but its up to you to get them through 12th grade.


Your puppy will need plenty of exercise and rest for the first few months. The older they get you will need to walk and/or play with them more.

Health Guarantee

I have a health guarantee that I will give you but just in case click here to download it.

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