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Customer Testimonies

After spending countless hours on the internet researching we decided to purchase our Morkie from Country Puppies by Jane. Everything we read about this company helped reinforce our decision as it all was positive including comments on several online forums & chat rooms. The drive to her residence is a very easy one- she is less than 10 miles from the I-65. Jane took the time to answer all questions via email, phone and in person. She is very knowledgeable about her puppies – her care of and for the puppies is stellar – placing them in the right home is a top priority. This is not a puppy mill business but one based on biblical principles of love, wisdom, & compassion. We highly recommend her to everyone.

The puppy is settling in wonderfully. It was so nice to see our son actually sit down for more than 5 minutes without having his cell phone and/or i-pad out. The puppy seems to be occupying his time more than the lure of electronics. I made him a bed of red polar fleece with a removable pad stuffed with fresh cedar shavings from some lumber Lee had just planned down while building a cedar chest. Granted he hasn’t really had the opportunity to use it since he is being dog-napped … Our boys keeps retrieving him out of the other one’s bed so the poor baby isn’t getting a full night sleep for being tossed around more than a hot potato.

Have a blessed day.

Major I had been looking for a few months for a trusted breeder to get my new puppy. I had been reading horror stories about people running puppy mills just to make a quick buck off of others who blindly trust that the breeder is legit. I was searching the net and ran across Mrs. Jane. I took a look at her testimonials and was impressed by the positive feedback she had received from past customers. I felt confident in the fact that she was worth some looking in to, so I gave her a call that afternoon. I discussed with her my interest in getting a yorkie, and to see if she had any boys available. She informed me that she did have a new litter and I was more than welcome to come out and visit to take a look at the puppy to insure he would be a good fit for me. I drove to Mrs. Jane's house, and got to spend time with my puppy (Major). He was only 2 weeks old then. I absolutely feel in love with him, and I knew from that moment he was for me. Since then Mrs. Jane has been available to answer all of the questions I have had, she has been very patient, and very helpful in working with my schedule. I get to take my Major home in just 3 short weeks, and I am certain that he is being well taken care of. I also know that Mrs. Jane knows that Major will be taken care of once he comes home with me. She made it a point to say that she wouldnt let one of her 'babies' go if she didnt think that they would receive all of the love and attention that they deserved. I am so thankful that I met Mrs. Jane and that she was able to give the puppy that I have been waiting for.

Best Wishes,
Alisha W. Huntsville, AL


yorkie-pooOur ten month search for a yorkie-poo has been very guided and thorough. After in-depth research and numerous conversations with breeders, we were led in complete confidence to Jane's Country Kennel. There are certain things in life that just "click," and meeting Jane was exactly that. With Jane's sincere love not only in breeding but in placing her puppies, today we met our newest family member knowing she was a perfect fit in every way!

From my first conversation with Jane, I had no doubts about the reason that she has been breeding and raising puppies for over twenty years - love and giving back to others. This is not a "puppy mill" kennel, of which I ran across several during our exhaustive search. We have found
Jane's Country Kennel to be the complete opposite in EVERY way from that type of breeder. Jane's Country Kennel is filled with love and care for each puppy in its own right, and Jane is a breeder who cares more about how each of her dogs will be matched and assimilated into their new homes,
with the right owners for each puppy, than about merely selling a puppy.

Before I met Jane in person, we had already spoken on the phone a number of times. Each call helped me to understand and express what characteristics we were really wanting in a puppy...and why. This was the most difficult part of our search, because for me, finding the perfect puppy is primarily about the bonding, health and personalities involved. It is a very individualized process. Little did I know that Jane was doing the same with me!

Jane was patient during our calls, and she took time to thoroughly understand what made us tick as a family, and which dog would be the"right" one to add to our home. Based on our conversations during which she was interviewing me just as much as we were researching both Jane and her kennel, Jane arranged for me to meet three of her puppies, all healthy, charming and adorable in their own ways. Her instincts are uncanny. As we were bonding, she placed the one puppy that she had
described to me on the phone in my arms, and a match was made.

The follow-up required by anyone fortunate enough to have one of Jane's puppies is just another example of how thorough and caring she is about those she meets and touches through her dogs. I would highly recommend Jane's Country Kennel to anyone looking to add a new dog to their family! After all we've been through over the past ten months, not only do I feel
unbelievably fortunate to have found Jane, but I cannot imagine getting a more perfect match from any other breeder!

Sacha Soja & Family

New puppy DachshundMy family (including my parents and siblings) have all purchased dogs from Jane over the course of about 15 years. In fact, she is like family to us! I highly recommend using her and all of her services since she truly is the best that I have found and I have done my research!

So many people over the years have commented on my dogs. About how well behaved they are, well trained, their unique loving personalities, and how beautiful they all have been! I'd love to say I could take all the credit but I can't as that wouldn't be fair. I have to say most of the credit goes to Jane. With Jane's love and compassion for the dogs as well as initial training she truly set the foundation for us to follow. In fact, an example with our most recent dog "Skyler" (a long-hair chocolate dapple dachshund) who has been placed in boxes and drawers as my 3-year old daughter (at the time) would play with her as a "doll." And she has never once bitten anyone or even snipped!

Having purchased about 6 dogs from Jane over the years, I can say it gives me peace to know that she is an honest, knowledgeable dog breeder and not a puppy mill by any means like other companies I had researched. If you are truly looking to make an "addition to your family" Jane is the only breeder I would highly recommend and trust! Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you would like to discuss Jane and her services further at anytime! I can be reached best by email at

Rachel Carter

Two years ago May 2008 I was looking for a yorkie to replace one that I had lost. Jane had kept a special little yorkie named Buddy for her and her husband. She was going on a mission trip to the Philippines and because of some financial difficulties she was going to have to sell Buddy. This was very hard for her but she said that in order to spread God's word she would do this. I was going through a rough time myself and we talked and she decided I was the one she wanted to have Buddy and what a blessing he is to me. We talked a year or so ago and she mailed me a testimony that was in her church bulletin.

Linda Dozier

YorkieWe already had a yorkie from a friend that had a litter of pups a few years ago. She wasn’t going to have any more so we had to find a breeder on our own. In August 2007, we purchased a puppy from a breeder that had an ad in our local paper. After meeting the breeder and seeing the conditions of her home I had serious doubts about this purchase but we went ahead anyway. Luckily, the vet said that she was healthy but I don’t want to ever have to worry like that again. In December 2007, we decided to give my dad a Yorkie because he loves ours so much but I was not going to get one from someone that I did not know again. We found Jane’s Country Kennels from a friend that had recently gotten a Yorkie puppy and they highly recommended her. I was more than happy to drive more than 4 hours (one way) to a breeder that cares about the health and placement of her animals. Now we have Scooter and he is a wonderful addition to our family. At the initial vet check, our vet said that he was perfect….his eye & ear placement was perfect…even his bite was perfect. The next time we are looking for a puppy we will definitely call Jane and if she doesn’t have any available at the time, I will wait for HER to have puppies ready. In fact, when I shared that with Jane in a follow up call she said that she had just had that conversation with another family that got a puppy from her 14 years ago. They were wanting a new puppy and were going to wait for Jane to have some available instead of trying to find another breeder. I am very happy to say that Jane can use me as a reference for anyone inquiring about by transaction with her. I am more than happy to answer any questions about Jane because her puppies are the BEST!!!!

Cristy Thurman
Kennesaw, GA

Hi my name is Pam Chester, Interested in a puppy? Well you have come to the right site. You see I know Jane personally, and we have been great friends for over eighteen years sharing information about our professions and faith. I received my little yorkie from her in 2004 and she has been my joy. She is a very sturdy girl and no matter what question I had about her care Jane has been there to help me her kennel is well kept, the dogs are well fed, dewormed and given Yorkie puppiesshots regularly to ensure healthy puppies, and boy they are beauties. I mentioned that we share info, well let me tell you about an incident that happened, one of her mother’s became very ill after birthing and Jane called worried about her health because she was lactating and need something herbal to help her, so I recommended that she give her some of my green powder called Catch 22+. Although I make this for people I knew that in small amounts it would help her and sure enough the dog that was extremely feeble, not eating or drinking was soon revived in days. Jane loving spoon fed and nurtured that dog back to health. I have given Quichelle, my yorkie Catch 22+, sprinkled in her food since she was very young and on April 12 ’08 she gave birth to 7 that right 7!!, beautiful puppies and they and are now in good homes. Jane and I both love the Lord and all her puppies are prayed over. Want a good puppy? Try Jane’s Country Kennel. If you would like to contact me about the Catch 22+ or about my testimony please e-mail me at

To: Potential Customers of Jane

My name is Jane after seeing her ad in the Birmingham News. After talking with many breeders, I was not comfortable and did not receive a good spirit from them. When I contacted Jane, I knew that she was a God loving person who cared about animals and people. I felt instant trust and called my daughter who to my surprise said she had talked to the same lady doing her search and fet the same. I went to meet my daughter in Huntsville and we traveled to Jane's house. Jane and her husband have a beautiful christian home. She was patient and kind while giving us lessons on how to care for our puppy, his medical history, medical update, type of food, habits and starter food. He was housetrained. Jane is available for a year for any questions. Our puppy got constipated and Jane was readily available and eager to help us. She is only a phone call away and do not mind you calling
her if you have a question. Jane stays with you through yours learning process. She does not sale you an animal and disappear. We are so impressed and blessed to have gotten our puppy from her. I highly recommend Jane to anyone who is looking for a quality, healthy pet from an honest christian person. She is great and you will not regret it.

A satisfied customer-Janice in Birmingham, the mother of the dog owner.

I have been searching and shopping for a puppy for about 7 or 8 months looking for just the right breeder and after getting in touch with Mrs. Phillips I just knew I had found the right one. Honestly, after talking with Mrs. Phillips I was in tears; I was captivated by just how friendly she was and how interested she was in what I was looking for. I could really hear the passion in her voice as she informed me all about the puppies and their parents. We always hear that good things happen to those who wait and God has truly sent me the right breeder! I appreciate Mrs. Phillips and the work she does!

LaTreace Johnson
Jonesboro, Ga

IveyHollyWe found Jane Phillips after the recent loss of a special pet. Carolynn spent quite a bit of time on the phone talking with her, and was so impressed that we got in the car the next morning and drove 9 hours. We were pleased to see how she interacted with the dogs and noted how careful she had been with their health since their birth. The care and concern she has for them is genuine. We realize now that she was evaluating us just as thoughtfully as we were evaluating the puppies. We are happy that we passed Jane’s exam, and equally happy to report that the pups passed our vet’s scrutiny yesterday with flying colors. We look forward to watching our puppies grow knowing that we can always give Jane a call if we need to.

Carolynn & John Malmborg
Waycross, GA


I have been a state trooper for approximately 14 years and I was looking for a Yorkie puppy for my wife. I was told by my step-sister that a lady by the name of Jane Phillips had a breeding kennel for Yorkie's. I contacted her by telephone to check on the availability of one. Mrs. Phillips was very informative about the Yorkie breed of dogs. I told her what we were looking for and she was very helpful. The next day I went to her kennel and purchased a puppy from her. This puppy has been everything that she said it was.

Jay Whitehead
Athens, AL

Boys with PupsOur journey began by trying to find a responsible breeder, which is what we found when we were introduced to Jane Phillips of Elkmont, AL. Her reputation and health guarantee goes with each puppy she sells. Her dachshunds are a big part of her life and we could tell she enjoys being able to share this wonderful breed with her clients. We visited her kennel and fell in love with three precious miniature female dachshund puppies. We still had a week or so before they would be ready to take home, but within that time span Jane answered all our questions and gave us tons of information that would help us get ready to welcome Sadi, Zoe
and Ali into our home. The puppies are now 7 1/2 weeks old and have become the center of our household.

Dachshund people have something wonderful in common with each other - a hard-headed little dog, but very smart, that soon becomes the center of attention in the home. Not everyone should have a dog, but if you need a dog, you very likely need a dachshund and you can definitely find your life long companion at Jane Phillips' kennels.

Charles and Margot Thigpen Athens, AL

P.S. Sadi, Zoe and Ali are doing fine. I took them to Dr. Hammons last week, he raved about how beautiful
they were and in perfect health. Their weight is: Sadi - 3lbs, Zoe - 2.3lbs and Ali 2.2lbs.

We purchased the latest edition to our family November 16th from Jane Phillips. I had heard of Jane from a
co-worker. Our puppy is absolutely gorgeous and extremely healthy. If you are considering getting a puppy,
you must know that it is like bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Jane is not only the breeder of our
Misty, she has become a friend that ensured us any question or concern we have regarding the new pup, she was
only a phone call away. I must say I called her several times and she was always pleasant and patient with
my questions. I recommend Jane Phillips to anyone that lives around here close to me or far away. She
produces beautiful, healthy pups. She stands behind her babies as she understands that is what they are to
the people who are getting them.

Good luck and enjoy your new little one as we have.

Rita Paulk
Athens, Alabama



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