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Morkie is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. These are usually happy, fun-loving, agile dogs, great with kids. They're very intelligent, and learn tricks easily especially when treats are involved! They have an average shoulder height of 7-12 inches and weighs 5-8 lbs. The Morkie can have the snout of the Maltese or the babydoll face of the Yorkshire Terrier. Morkies have similar looks to the Yorkie-Poo sometimes but not always. Their coloring could be more tan or black depending on the parents. Morkie

They have a soft, silky coat like the Yorkshire Terrier as well as the Maltese. The Morkie usually sheds little, making it a great breed for allergy sufferers. Most mature from 5-8 pounds, depending on the size of the parents. They come in a beautiful variety of colors.

They're energetic, happy, brave, and intelligent. They are alert, loving, cheerful, and very clever. Morkies make great lapdog, they love to cuddle. The Morkie wants to be involved in family activity, making a great companion. Morkies are fairly active, but not as hyper as some other small breeds. The Morkie is not mischievous but can occasionally be stubborn.

The Morkie gets along well with strangers, children, dogs, and other pets. Socialization when young is recommended. Young children should be supervised around the Morkie to ensure they treat it respectfully.

The Morkie does not require a lot of exercise. Most of its exercise requirements can be met through indoor activity, but Morkies love going on walks with their owner and regular play time outdoors, and have enough stamina to come alongside for a longer jog. The Morkie is well suited to apartment life. However, if you have an interest in another breed of puppy then click the link below or the Available puppies link.


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